Sunday, 24 October 2010

Canadian Tire

No, we haven't sold out to commercialism for this post, though we do like the shop!; we simply had a tyre blow on our most recent trip... no danger, just lots of bad weather and Steve [being the youngest] set to, and replaced the tire... once we had found it hiding underneath the car.
Just to make it really irritating, it was naturally, raining.
We have only had tyre trouble once before, as far as I can remember, and that was in Canada too!
Therefore we crawled into Lakefield later than expected, but got a great welcome.
Cornwall was a great concert, a full theatre and lots of enthusiasm; we realised that we were very near both the US & Montréal, which is just a few kms up the road... as we were on the edge of Québec we did some French intros as well as English.... just showing off really, but the French third of the audience seemed to be happy!
I forgot to say a lady asked me whether we 'did Bath' the other night... I wondered if I had forgotten to wash, but delightfully she meant did we perform near there, so her sister could go and see us.
Also did not mention Old Burnside where we stayed at Almonte; a wonderful house built in the 19th-century by a Scot, and home to a retired Canadian Trade Diplomat and his wife [Marilyn and Howard]. They had the most terrific collection of artefacts, photos and art from their travels all over the world, and it was great to explore this, and be shown around by them. The Eggs Benedict were also very high class.
Now, tonight's concert awaits...

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