Monday, 4 October 2010

Channel Island tour

We had a wonderful time on our tour of the Channel Islands – Guernsey, Sark, Alderney & Jersey… all very efficient & simple, despite quite an extended stay on Alderney in the rain as we waited for the weather to change, so that we could fly. We were very lucky with the weather, considering the conditions we might have had to fly or sail in...

After the exertions of our week at the Bridewell Theatre [which we enjoyed so much that we are going to do it again!], it was fascinating to do this tour of four very different places. St James on Guernsey we have been to many times before, and it was great to see Kirsten and many other old friends there, but the tractors-and-bikes-and-no-cars Sark was more sedate, though the journey over by boat was less so! The recently-created Island Hall was clearly a place of joy and a thing of pleasure for the Sarkian people...& great to sing in. We saw a glorious starry night, witnessing why Sark has gone for 'dark skies status'. Alderney - a wonderful mix of English village and 19th-century fortifications was excellent & the weather was splendid & our hosts very hospitable, and once we had arrived on Jersey [we achieved the theatre 20 minutes before the show after a stormy day] our welcome was as we would expect - warm and encouraging, even though we were only on the island for just a few hours.

As to the audiences, on Sark all the local dignitaries came to see us, but Mr Pye sadly did not, in either devilish or angelic persona; on Alderney, Pat Webb, who played the lead in The Boy Friend for 2 years in the 1950s was there, and on Jersey we had the pleasure of singing to the male voice group of Victoria School… who sang Blue Moon to us after the concert.

Now the joys of Lemmensinstituut, Leuven await on Thursday, before 3 weeks in Canada…

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