Tuesday, 26 October 2010


More travel chaos.
Happily sitting in Toronto aeroport, we find that the outlook of our flight to Sudbury has moved from 'fair' to 'not today' owing to fog... so we had the joy of getting our bags from the handlers [not as bad as we feared], and started the process of getting refunds for our flights (or at least the paperwork - which naturally had to be done in person, not online or later!) and then hiring another car.
Refund went well, Richard was patient and the lady was mercifully thorough, so slow-ish, but excellent.
When the 50% of TLQ that can drive went to the car hire place, they were told there were no cars; however, 'you could book online if you like'! Isn't it obvious, no cars means no cars for walk-ups, but if you have booked online all is OK? So Mike, having been told there are no cars, stood at the hire desk, on the glorious free wifi, and booked a car; then asked the man, who was still one metre from him, whether he could have his car.... and he was told 'yes'. We do live in a crazy world.
Steve did the deed, and lo, 5 and a bit hours later we achieved Elliot Lake - a place which closes mainly at 6pm, and definitely by 9pm... we got to the pizza place with 2 minutes to spare.
Oh joy.
As to yesterday, we had a quite delightful reception at Lakefield... lovely theatre/hall with great acoustic and super people... we had an exquisite meal in the Bistro, and everyone thought we were insane [well, in a kind and funny way]. We have visited some splendid communities on this tour, and our trip to Lakefield was as good as any... gorgeous folks... the wine and cheese after was the icing on the cake...
Surely it is all OK from here!

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