Sunday, 10 April 2011

interesting times

Sang at a lovely Wedding in Rowley, Yorkshire; beautiful village, church and couple!
This was a Caledonio-Belgian do....

Talking of Belgians, Steve had the most splendid journey... he drove up, so we could all come home in the car after, and whilst we luxuriated on the train, the electrics failed in his car [in the fast lane], and he ground to a halt.... I won't name the hire car company.
V ery
I nteresting
S ubject

HE IS OK - do not fret!

He had to be pushed to hard shoulder by the police and then taken to Milton Keynes to get a new car, and then get to us 200km away....

He arrived at 2.59 for the 3pm service; gloriously the bride was fashionably late so there were no problems.... how late might she have been if there had been even more than the 500 metres between house and church!?

We sang Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart in the service and entertained in the reception twice. Steve impressed the visiting mainland Europeans with his Flemish (they also enjoyed our French), and a good time was had by all.

Back home just after midnight.... perfect... Here's to Belgo-Britannic co-operation!

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