Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Estonia/Russia tour end

Wonderful tour.
Lovely reception at the Janni Church here in St Petersburg.... just in the airport, waiting to get a flight home.

Receptive to all, the audience were great - left in stunned silence at the end of one of my Russian introductions (probably awe)... but they laughed in all the right places at everything else, so something must have been right!

They liked our rendition of the only Borodin male quartet piece (he was born here too) - four guys serenading the same woman!
The Estonians enjoyed our Estonian folk encore too... last week.

Very fine tour up north... and the mild winter helped!  Coming in summer would also be fantastic!
We were looked after splendidly...


Julia Smirnova said...

Awe indeed! :)
Must admit we were stunned by your clear pronunciation in Russian, really! Michael, especially yours. Sometimes it even felt as if you knew the language. And you corrected yourself and said 'Я' (I) instead of 'ОН' (He) when speaking about yourself and what instruments all of you were going to represent in the next melody. Great job!
As to the programme, we enjoyed all of it.
Please come back in summer! Saint-Petersburg is marvellous then! And I'll be sure to spread knowledge about your concert next time as you are a must-see and must-hear :)

Rupert P Bell said...

Great pictures. It's amazing how every surface of these churches can be covered with decoration and yet it all appears quite... tasteful! I've added a feed to your posts on my blog now.