Friday, 20 January 2012


Well would you believe it? We come to Rottweil & see not one dog... but lots of cats!  All very friendly... Mike not especially happy as he is allergic to them, but they seemed to know to leave him alone. Three cats at the venue (er... only one in the restaurant!) and one at the hotel!
Bijou venue... the Badhaus... a wonderful restaurant (we had two super meals there) as well as a performing space... and B.o.B. was alive and well again!   More flag-waving honorary Britons were created!
Up early as we take an early am flight to Hamburg and Itzehoe - tonight's crowd were most amused that this was our next stop!

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Fearn said...

Hey, really interesting to see what happened the days before you came to lovely Itzehoe :-) I think next time you come back everybody will drag their friends along. I will now happily listen to your CDs (can't wait to listen to the Tolkien songs I spotted on the back) and most definitely have a good old cuppa. I felt like having a nice steaming milky tea throughout the show, haha :-) Cheers and enjoy your German beer!