Wednesday, 16 May 2012

C.I. tour #1

Sitting in glorious sunshine on the tractor-paradise that is Sark, having had a great day on Guernsey yesterday, and a wonderful calm crossing by boat here this morning.
Four-island tour here... each day a different island - lunchtime gig for schoolchildren, then a concert in the evening...
Lovely to meet old Guernsey friends at our old haunt St James Arts Centre - Kirstin as welcoming as always... and a great crowd enjoyed our songs; lots of cricket for them too!  {Many CDs purchased!}

As you may know, no motorised vehicles allowed here on Sark (only helicopters in dire emergency) - but there are 76 tractors on the island... Chidren were very attentive and amused just now:- we are performing at the Island Hall next to the cricket ground; bodes well for cricket stuff later.

I've looked for Mr Pye, but he is neither devilishly or angelically here...

(Note to self: must look back at previous CI blog to see if repeating dullardly)

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Sarah Cottle said...

Thanks to all of you for a superb school workshop [the children were attentive!] and a fantastic evening concert. Beautiful singing, great variety and very entertaining. So many people commented on how much they enjoyed it and two new members for Friends of Sark Music! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the tour.