Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fantastic International Festival

Very splendid evening in Alba Iulia, Romania.  Our friend Mihai Coser asked us to create an a cappella evening for him & it was a great success.
All the groups were wonderful; Die Medlz from Germany, Vocal Tempo from Cuba & Jukebox Trio from Russia; and we were all on stage at the end giving impromptu performances of No woman, no cry & Stand by Me.
The atmosphere in the open air was super (and hot!) - today there are performances of Hansel & Gretel and Carmina Burana... should be terrific.
We all were very pleased and everyone wants to do it again asap....


We had to rise pretty early (3am UK time) to get to our next date: another a cappella night in Hannover... more news later (I have woken up now!)...

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