Monday, 1 December 2014

Our first (of many) Christmas Markets.... Bayreuth to begin with...

Great concert here; wonderful to have Six Pack stalwarts... Markus Burucker (taking time off from being a rock-bass-God) and the ever-reliable Christian Potthast (on sound) looking after us... as well as Marcus #2 on lights... great team!

Another enthusiastic, friendly audience in Germany... how excellent.  This was a Farewell Richard concert & the atmosphere was suitably warm for such an occasion.  

Markus: Good luck with the Huebnotix gigs - 14th, 19th & 20th December in Bayreuth - 50 years of rock (with strings too!)...

Next for us it is on to Wangen im Allgäu and then our first Christmas outing at Rockenhausen; after that, we're back to the UK (for two days!)

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